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Hello, and welcome to Modest Innovation, a showcase of personal and commercial work from @marcusmichaels. Feedback and collaborations are always welcome, so... keep that in mind.


User Manual

The 'User Manual' project was the idea of producing an alternative CV that defies the conventions set from years of stale conformity and job-seeking theory.

Inspired by various telephone user manuals, this User Manual is a twelve page document explaining the use and maintenance of the MM-100 Series portable work unit, AKA Marcus.

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MarcusFont and BlockFont are hand drawn TrueType (.ttf) fonts.

Both fonts were produced soley with the use of an iPad Mini and a stylus.

The fonts are freely available to download (for personal use) from the website linked below.

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Cuddly Toys After Dark: Bear

Cuddly Toys

'Cuddly Toys After Dark' is a macabre photoset imagining the lives of toys when the lights go out.

Each photo is a composite of various images, shot and manipulated to create it's surreal appeal. More information can be seen Behind The Scenes.

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NewsIpsum is a Lorum Ipsum generator, but instead of Latin, it pulls words from BBC News.

This was a collaborative project with @purplesime and Shardcore.

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Screenshot from the video 'A Niece and a Nephew II'


Here is a selection of film work showcased on Vimeo.

All videos (personal and commercial) have been produced with very fast turnaround and minimal production cost.

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marcusdoodles.tumblr.com is a simple blog set up to store drawings.

Each doodle gets automatically pushed to the blog as and when they're completed.

This is continuous project just for fun.

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Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK needed a mail pack to send to potential donators.

To accompany the pack CRUK wanted photos of the lab and the team behind a new breakthrough discovery.

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Stop Motion

'Monopoly Drive' is a stop motion short of the Monopoly Car driving round the game board.

The clip was noticed by Olympus as their camera was used to shoot this, which led to the creation of a 'How to' guide for stop motion that they shared out.

Here is 'A Brief Guide To Stop Motion'.

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Monopoly Drive Stop Motion


This is an overview of photography work as sets on Flickr which will continue to grow as more photos are added.

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What's my fetish

A random (safe for work) fetish generator website to discover your unknown fetishes.

This was a collaborative project with @cjlovell. It started out as a simple website, but soon after the build was complete, we filmed and launched a promotional video.

Watch the Promo
Donut Licking


Working with Tzefira, this was a speculative view of what a rebrand could look like when positioned to face a wider consumer market.

The goal was to create a cleaner, cut-through brand that's sharp and appealing to a greater audience.

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The most direct way to get in touch is to email marcus[at]modestinnovation.com

If email isn't your thing, Twitter and LinkedIn are great alternatives.

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